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YOURS FINANCIALLY . . . Life Finance and Films!

The world of finance seems so alluring and fascinating but pick up any article or any book on the same subject and all you find is jargon that you can not begin to comprehend. However Kalpesh Ashar’s new book YOURS FINANCIALLY . . . Life Finance and Films! which is on its way to gathering immense success and amazing reviews changes all that. Imagine learning about personal finances and all of its aspects in an engaging story that not just educates you with new subject matter but truly entertains you, after all isn’t that all that we seek in a book. YOURS FINANCIALLY . . . Life Finance and Films! has all the ingredients of a great masterpiece engaging content, incredible protagonists and a very new and innovative way of presenting information wrapped in an incredible story.

Mr. Kalpesh Ashar has been in the field of Financial Services since 2005,starting as an associate of a Financial Services company based in South Mumbai. Mr. Kalpesh regularly features on Personal Finance shows across many prominent television business channels along with contributing various articles in the print media. With regards to the same subject he conducts seminars / presentations on financial literacy and awareness.

Kalpesh Ashar
In 2009, Mr. Kalpesh Ashar undertook his journey of transiting from being a Financial product distributor to becoming a Professional Certified Financial Planner. He successfully completed his CFP certification in August 2010 with Financial Planning Standards Board India (FPSB). He then actively commenced the Financial Planning Process for his clients. Since February 2014 Kalpesh is a Registered Investment Adviser with SEBI.

Infibeam had the honour of communicating with Mr. Kalpesh Ashar about his book and the amazing response it has received. Let’s find out what he has to say about the experience with writing a phenomenal book

1. Kindly tell your fans more about your book and yourself in slight depth.
Mr. Kalpesh Ashar:I have been in the field of Financial services since the past 12 years. I am a Certified Financial Planner and a SEBI Registered Investment Advisor ( RIA ) operating from Mumbai.

This is my debut in the field of writing a book. Being a first time author ' Yours Financially ' is my genuine attempt to portray the crucial aspects of personal finance and various aspects of life in an interesting and unique way.Thus far, there have been hundreds of books written efficiently in the field of Personal Finance. I have attempted to break the mould by writing this book as a fiction with a cinematic touch thus making it a compelling read.

The language used is simple and without any jargons.
2. You have many accolades in the field of finance like your CFP Certification. What motivated you to pursue a career in finance?

 Mr. Kalpesh Ashar : As mentioned above, prior to being in the financial services field in Mumbai, I was based in Oman for 11 years and gained experience in the field of Corporate finance and Human resources. I returned to India, with the sole intention of pursuing entrepreneurship in the field of finance. I made my foray as a Mutual Fund Advisor and Distributor in 2005.Since then I have always made an endeavor to move in a space which lets me be as close to my clients and have better interaction with them on a professional basis. 

I discovered the fantastic CFP module as the right medium to tread this path as it would put me in the space where I would be able to advise my clients on a holistic basis. Later in 2014 I took up the fee based financial advisory model by registering with SEBI as a RIA. Today this model allows me to interact comprehensively with my clients and address their requirements effectively.

Your Financially
3. What was your inspiration behind the book?
Mr. Kalpesh Ashar :There were basically two factors which inspired me to write this book. The first factor is FINANCIAL AWARENESS ( or rather - lack of it ) which I have noticed is a very crucial factor and is amiss in a majority of individuals. There is a huge need for creating this awareness as the financial world is getting complex by the day with new concepts and products surrounding us. This leaves the normal person clueless and baffled to make the right choice.

The second factor is the BEHAVIORAL aspect of individuals towards their finances and life in general. Varied reactions by individuals to similar situations makes a world of difference to the ultimate outcome.This is an amazing aspect...

Both these points put together inspired me enough to pen out my feelings or should I say - vent out my feelings ...

4. Did you face any challenges during the time you were writing?
Mr. Kalpesh Ashar :To be honest, as I was clear about the broad theme and flow of the story from the very beginning, I did not have a major challenge.

Except at one crucial juncture where I was at a loss of idea for carrying forward the mode of story, it was my son Aryan who just dropped in a super suggestion which made life easy for me...
5. Your book features an underlying Bollywood current in the story and even in the cover image of the book. Would you consider yourself a Bollywood aficionado?

Mr. Kalpesh Ashar :Yes, I am very much an avid cinema lover since my childhood. I simply love watching movies and the medium just thrills me as it is the best form of expression of a creative mind. An amazing script and screenplay are the main criterion to keep me hooked on to a movie.Storytelling is the best way to put your point across and I have used this medium to convey my thoughts through this book.

My book can be termed as 'The injection of Personal Finance given in the syringe of Bollywood'!!

6.There have been many new changes recently in the financial sector of our nation like Demonetization and GST implementation. Can you offer your views on the same?

Mr. Kalpesh Ashar :I am completely in favor of these two game and nation changing moves initiated by our respectable Prime Minister in the long term interest of our nation. He is the first ever leader who has taken the mantle of fighting menace of black money and corruption head on. It is obviously the right step in the right direction.

 7. Your Book explains the concepts of personal finances in a very innovative fashion involving two captivating couples. Do you have any advice for the youth of the nation with regards to managing finances or otherwise?

Mr. Kalpesh Ashar:Yes, the two couples in my book are young couples who begin their life journey and encounter similar situations but it is their respective AWARENESS, ACCEPTANCE and ACTION which decides their outcomes. These are three 3 thoughts which the youth of today should imbibe in their life.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

DREAM BIG . . Let your Financial Plan make your Dreams Come True

A Modern day Compendium on Personal Finance

Dream Big is a book that simplifies and breaks down common financial planning principles such as risk profiling, asset allocation, portfolio construction, rebalancing etc. The authors have explained all the investments methods that can enable wealth creation. It helps you to choose instruments that are most suitable for you and explains why you would be better off without others.

Dr. Mukesh Jindal, the co-founder of Alpha Capital, specializes in managing Family Office and Investment Portfolio for affluent families. He is a Doctorate in Finance from the University of Delhi and holds professional degrees like CFA, CAIA and CFP. He has been recognized as a Leading Global Financial Advisor by City Wealth, London. He wrote this book along with his co-author Mr. Arunraj VS, who is a web-based entrepreneur, running web properties based on various topics ranging from health to travel.
Dr. Mukesh Jindal

Infibeam caught up with Dr Mukesh Jindal for a chat about his book "DREAM BIG" and the amazing response it has received. Let’s find out what he has to say about the experience with writing about this unconventional story-

1.Please let us know more about the book “Dream Big”

Dr. Mukesh Jindal- The Book ‘Dream Big’ is a social effort to help every Indian grow rich by making right investment decisions. The book teaches how to plan your finances today for a better and a more secured life tomorrow.
Every individual has a dream or an aspiration for a good life and everyone works hard towards it. Investments done in the right manner is the simplest and fastest way of growing rich and fulfilling all the dreams.

Everything, from the importance of saving and investing and the need for life and health insurance to various investment products like mutual funds, SIP, PPF etc. that can enable you to build wealth, is explained in this book in simple and jargon free language.

2. What inspired you to write the story of Vaibhav?

Dr. Mukesh Jindal- My clients in business are mostly affluent families who have regular savings to invest and are educated enough to understand the intricacies of investment options. But Vaibhav belonged to the lowest strata of the society, from the income point of view. He didn’t have much of the education either. The beauty in him was that he dreamt of a good life and ensured that he followed his dream till the time it got achieved. Vaibhav had patience to learn everything about investments and diligently implement all that he learnt. Eventually, his dream was fulfilled. Nobody better than him could have been the role model in this book.

3. What is your idea of “Dreaming Big”?

Dr. Mukesh Jindal- There is a popular belief that if you dream big and make efforts to achieve those dreams, the entire universe supports you to achieve your dreams. One should therefore always dream big for the betterment. Without dreaming, one has no goals and has nothing to achieve. New start-ups and enterprises get developed through big dreams which translate into their long term vision. The greatness achieved by some countries ultimately reflects the vision of their people. 

4. What kind of saving and investment mode you will suggest as Financial Analyst seeing the current market scenario?

Dr. Mukesh Jindal- The suggestion would be different for different people depending upon their age, income levels, savings rate, risk taking capacity, future requirements and the kind of life they would like to have for themselves. In general, the safest way for a beginner is to choose a few of the mutual fund schemes – equity or debt or a combination of both, based on the above aspects. The investment mode may be by SIP method, if there is a regular stream of income. Investments made when markets decline are considered to yield superior returns. Long term investments smoothen the impact of short term volatility in the equity market.

5. For youngsters those who have started earning, what kind of financial advice you will have for them?

Dr. Mukesh Jindal- The youngsters have a great future ahead. The basic principle of investment is ‘the early the better’. You start investing from today and not tomorrow, because that ‘tomorrow’ will never come. If a young earner, no matter what his income levels are, saves 25% of his income and starts investing in a regular way, he will be benefitted by the power of compounding and will have huge sums amassed in future. He can plan his entire life for all the future contingencies very comfortably.

6. What is next for you?

Dr. Mukesh Jindal- I am looking forward to interact with my readers and see their life transform for the better.

I am also working to provide an easy and simplified investment solution to people through the use of technology. ‘Roboadviso’ a mobile based investment application is a step in this direction.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Tharki - In The Game Of Love You Either Play Or Get Played

Discover the dark side of love.

Growing up we all have had that dream about meeting someone special in life, get married and live happily ever after. But life isn’t all about happily ever afters. There is more to the new age love stories than we see in movies. This book would put forward a side of love that we all know exists, but do not want to see.

Kunal Marathe, a book publicist and an author, has more than five years of experience in book marketing and promotions. At the age of 27, he is the CEO of Legendary Books India and has more than twenty titles including fiction, non-fiction and poetry being published under his company’s aegis. He holds the world record for Largest Congregation of Book Trailer Launching for having launched a book trailer in the presence of a 2000+ audience.

Kunal Marathe

Infibeam caught up with Kunal Marathe for a chat about his book and the amazing response it has received. Let’s find out what he has to say about the experience with writing about this unconventional story-

1.Can you tell us more about your book THARKI ?
Kunal Marathe: THARKI is a book without any particular genre. It’s basically about love, but it cannot be said to be a love story. It is more about the other side of love that is not usually portrayed in movies or books. While we, especially in India, have grown up watching those movies and reading those books where people are ready to die for love—the true picture is totally different, at least for most of us. THARKI would keep that dark picture in front of you.

The story of THARKI revolves around a man who has that heavenly picture of love in his mind. He considers love to be eternal. He believes in ONE WOMAN WHOLE LIFE theory. But when the reality hits him hard, he literally goes insane.

2. Why the title THARKI?

Kunal Marathe:THARKI, which actually means a ‘womanizer’ in Hindi, was the only word that was on my mind while writing this story. This is the first book of a series, and after you are done reading the last page of the novel, you will wonder—why this book is titled THARKI, because the protagonist is totally opposite to a womanizer! And as expected, many readers asked me the same question. 
This, however, would be answered in the second part that is scheduled to release in 2018.

3. According to your book’s tagline, ‘In the game of love you either play or get played’, do you believe in this statement yourself?

Kunal Marathe: It’s a tough question. Frankly speaking, I don’t have an answer.
Front Best BLACK PNG.png

I guess LOVE is a strange phenomenon, and when it comes about ‘the game of love’, nothing is certain. We see people playing in love. We see people being played in love. But then, we also see couples—the lucky ones—who are madly in love with each other till the very end.

4. What inspires you to keep going every day? And, what is next for Kunal Marathe?

Kunal Marathe:I have a strange life—crazy, uncertain, unsettled and unpredictable. I have taken huge risks for my dream to be an author, risks that often backfired. The only thing that inspired me to keep going is my dream. I know what I want. And I work on it, putting everything at stake. Nothing matters more than my dream to me.
Next is a web series on THARKI. We are in talks with many producers and filmmakers for the same. Also, I am working on the second installment of the THARKI Series.

5. At the age of 27, you have achieved a lot. Tell us about your journey in brief. 

Kunal Marathe:To be honest, I have not achieved anything significant yet. In fact, I lost everything I had when I faced a major loss in publishing business few years ago. The loss was so big that I had to sell everything—from my MacBook to my gold, and ultimately, my car—the money from which I am using for the promotion of THARKI. 

I started my career as a waiter in Mumbai. Of course, years after that, I made a business, a small reputation for myself, a world record, and now this book.

“But I dream to achieve more than this—the tag of a bestselling author, to say the least.”

Monday, June 5, 2017

Sony Xperia XZ Premium Dual (Luminous Chrome) now available online at Infibeam!

Sony’s Xperia XZ Premium Dual (Luminous Chrome) is the latest addition to the list of smartphones available on Infibeam! It is a glimpse to the technological features of tomorrow with a smooth finish and lavish design. All of these, with an exciting Pre-booking Offer!

‘The world’s first smartphone with 4K HDR display’ is just a simpler of the ways that this ahead-of time smartphone from Sony can be defined in. Have a glimpse of features of future smartphones with this new symbol of elegance from Sony i.e., Xperia XZ Premium Dual (Luminous Chrome). The never-before seen features are packed in stunning design that reflects the beauty around you.

The phone is soon to be launched and has already created ripples in the market! It includes a Motion Eye Camera which has a memory stacked within it's image sensor, that enables your phone to record videos at a Super Slow Motion, i.e. 960 frames per second. The precision and details with which it captures images is beyond the capabilities of Human eye! 

Along with a stunning, reflective surface on both ends, Xperia XZ premium Dual also adorns a 4K HDR display bringing the vivid colours to life like never before!
The phone functions on the latest QualComm Snapdragon 835 processor providing it a cutting edge over any other phone seen till date. This processor makes it capable of Gigabit Class LTE (up to 1 GBPS of download speed).

Moreover, it also has an exciting feature wherein it learns how you use your phone, and adapts to give you your smartest and most personal experience yet. And it also offers useful, tailored suggestions about how to use different features making your smartphone experience smooth!

This phone is a symbol of class, definitely worth getting your hands on! The phone is now made available for Pre-order on Infibeam at an incredibly exciting price and an offer you cannot afford to miss out on! Pre-Booking Offer: Free Wireless Bluetooth Speakers Sony SRS-XB20 worth Rs. 8,990 along with the phone only for pre-booking (Offer Applicable from 2nd June’ 17 - 11th June’ 17)

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

‘50 Cups of Coffee’: Re-ignite Your Search For That Perfect Person!

Soul mates are made in heaven. *Conditions apply

In India, come a certain age and there’s nothing more important than finding the perfect groom (or bride). But often this ‘more-serious-than-a-space mission’ can leave you befuddled, exasperated or even amused. '50 Cups of Coffee’ is a hilarious and charming account of manoeuvring the minefield that is arranged-dating.

Khushnuma Daruwala

Khushnuma Daruwala, an advertising professional, has chosen to explore this in her first book - ‘50 Cups of Coffee’. Infibeam caught up with Khushnuma Daruwala for a chat about her book and the amazing response it has received. Let’s find out what she has to say about the experience with writing a coffee-guzzler Journey’ -

1. Can you let us know something more about your book - “50 Cups of Coffee”?

Khushnuma Daruwala: ‘50 Cups of Coffee’ happened purely by accident. It started over a conversation with one of my friends who was narrating her arranged-dating experiences. Tickled pink, I offered to write them and she agreed. Luckily I was on a sabbatical which gave me some head space to get the initial chapters and style, going.

This book is not a typical linear narrative and it’s definitely not a mush-fest. It’s simply a compilation of myriad experiences, musings, a few tricks, a few tips, a few flops and misgiving galore along the path to finding a man, all strung together with humour. Each chapter pertains to one facet of arranged-dating and ends with what we coined as a ‘java jolt’ – a witty musing which ties it all up.

2. What kind of experiences guided/helped you in writing- “50 Cups of Coffee”?

Khushnuma Daruwala: Apart from my friend who inspired the book and who I’ve retained as the protagonist I spoke to other women as well to get a better understanding of arranged-dating and their experiences. Discussing ideas on the book format and topics for the content really helped, as did reading books and articles on writing which another friend would regularly recommend.

On days I suffered from a writer's block I sought solace in my two funny-favourites – James Herriot and Gerald Durrell, for amusement and hopefully inspiration.

3. Your book is about the epiphanies with finding that right person (which we prefer calling ‘Mr/Ms. Perfect’). According to you, what role does movies and books play in shaping our perspective and desires about that ‘Perfect’ person?

Khushnuma Daruwala: I think our concept of Mr/ Ms Right or romance is a tad warped due to various influences – books, movies, stories among others.
50 Cups of Coffee

First come the fairy tales with their damsels in distress who need rescuing. Then comes ‘romance’ literature and movies which can often kill you with their deadly clich├ęs – e.g. the Byronic hero (Brooding, intense and often unavailable men who might eventually soften in the presence their lady love) or the manic Pixie Dream Girl (Quirky, full of life, childlike playfulness and crazy antics which she will focus on the soulful, brooding hero until he learns to live freely and love madly again*). If you look closely some of the biggest romantic blockbusters are hinged on these two cliches.

4. If you are given an opportunity to add or edit a chapter to your book - 50 Cups of Coffee, what will it be?
Khushnuma Daruwala: Nothing to be honest. I ended the book when I ran out of topics to write. As for editing, well I did tone down a few things slightly to ensure no sensibilities were offended in my writing process. If I was writing only for myself I wouldn’t have done that.

5. What inspires you to keep going everyday? And, What is next for Ms. Khushnuma - the author? OR a new role?

Khushnuma Daruwala: Any creative process, be it writing a book or a paper or ideating on solutions for a brand, is what keeps me going. The fluidity and the absence of an absolute certainty is exciting.

Yes, I do have a few ideas for the next book. Most authors seem to build their forte in one genre, while all my ideas are completely disparate, targeting different audiences altogether. I think I need to flesh each one out a bit to see which holds up under scrutiny and has a distinctive point of view in that genre.

Who knows, it might simply be a sequel to ‘50 Cups of Coffee’.

“With the 51st Cup of Coffee in my hands, I am hoping the sequel comes out soon!”