Thursday, October 1, 2015

Apple iPhone 6s and 6s Plus - They are 'Uncommonly' Common

Since its inception, Apple has surprised the tech world with its every single iPhone. You may wonder, as every other smartphone user, now, what kind of technological leaps do Apple iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus have in store? Well, through its subtle tagline, “The only thing that is changed is everything”, Apple has cleared all those clouds of anticipation.  

Yes, change has touched every feature of these new iPhones 6s and iPhone 6s Plus that were officially launched at a media event in San Francisco, California on September 9, 2015. The forecast is that these iPhones will be available by the end of the year in more than 130 countries around the world. Surely, both the tech-geeks and simple smartphone users have gone gaga with the incredible '3D Touch' and 'Live Photos'  features that have phenomenally changed the way one browse and click pictures. 


Soon, after its official launch, Tim Cook, CEO, Apple informed that they have received unbelievably great feedbacks from their customers, and the sales for both Apple iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus has beaten any previous first weekend sale's record in Apple's history. When the world is responding beyond imagination, Apple team is looking forward to make these iPhones available in other countries by October 9.

Let's take a peek on Apple iPhone 6s and 6s Plus features:

With its ultra new 'Rose Gold' colour becoming popular among both males and females, Apple has gone beyond the colour psychology that pink is just feminine and timid. Both these revolutionary iPhones are also available in other standard colours- Gold, Silver and Space Grey. Both are the sturdiest models fabricated from a new alloy of 7000 series aluminium – the same grade used in the aerospace industry.

They come with the storage capacity of 16, 64 and 128 GB. Also, you will also find a brand new display screen with the strongest and most durable glass ever used in any smartphone. With '3D Touch', it has introduced the 'Peek and Pop' feature that allows the user to browse smartly without having to leave the current page. 'Live Photos' brings images to life by adding sound and action. Also, with faster A9 processor, most advanced operating system iOS 9 and high resolution 4K video, get ready, to take the incredible technology tour with these tech-wonders – Apple iPhone 6s and 6s Plus!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Infibeam's Big Bang Sale comes with Killer Deals

Don't lose hope if monsoon is expected to be below normal. Don't panic if inflation rate is hiking up. Just relax! Infibeam is back with the guaranteed lowest price Big Bang Sale to make you all HAPPY. That too with killer deals.

The three-day #BigBangSale will begin from 0000 hours of June 15, 2015 offering huge discounts on various brands, categories and several products. With the Big Bang Sale, Infibeam is all set to cater customers in over 20,000 pin codes covering the remotest corners of India.

The Big Bang Sale with discounts of up to 80% will not only make consumers’ dreams come true but take the experience of online buying to a new level. The online retail portal, ensures of no false promises or technical hurdles.

The Big Bang Sale features mouthwatering offers on leading lifestyle, electronics and media brands. Wrangler, Woodland, Puma, Titan, Timex, Fastrack, Spaces, Fossil, American Tourister, Tommy Hilfiger, Hidesign, Addons, Scullers, Blue Heaven, Oriflame, Mafatlal, Raymonds, Tissot, Davidoff, Adidas, Ray Ban, FCUK, Axe, Burberry, Hugo Boss, Marc Jacobs and many international and national brands.

The Big Bang Sale will have the largest selection of books for competitive exams, health fitness/yoga, regional, financial, coffee table, cookery, romance, travel, history, classic, encyclopaedia, fiction, and best sellers.

Similarly, various global electronics brands including Apple, Microsoft, LG, Samsung, HP, Philips along with several national brands such as Micromax, Intex and many others will be offering their products in the Big Bang Sale.

All the products will be available with secured payment options including Cash on Delivery (CoD), Credit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking and EMIs. Of the total sales, CoD is expected to be maximum in the Big Bang Sale.

Considering masses, the Big Bang Sale at is specially designed for consumer logging from urban or rural area of country. Whether consumer has desktop, laptop, notepad or mobile phone, he/she can log on to to avail benefits of Big Bang Sale scheduled from June 15 to June 17, midnight.

The previous sale by Infibeam, Megasale witnessed 1000% jump in the number of orders. This time also, the growth is likely to be higher again.

Enjoy shopping!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Iconic Author Nikita Singh Talks About Her Latest Book, Love Stories & More

The star of popular fiction in India, Nikita Singh, is a Delhi-based Indian writer, and the author of 8 books at the age of 23. Her first book, Love @ Facebook (2011), came out when she was only 19 and studying pharmacy. She is also the recipient of a Live India Young Achievers Award, 2013.

Nikita Singh has sold thousands of copies of her books named Accidentally In Love..With Him? (2011), If It's Not Forever… It's Not Love (2012), The Promise (2012), Someone Like You (2013), The Unreasonable Fellows (2013), and Right Here Right Now (2014). If It’s Not Forever...It’s Not Love is a book she co-authored along with another eminent writer of the day, Durjoy Dutta. Her books are mostly about young adult romance fiction that cater to young adults and older audience.

Singh has spoken on various TEDx conferences in colleges across India, and is one of the highest selling Indian authors in fiction. She is also an editor in Grapevine India. Her latest book, After All This Time, released recently is about an HIV positive girl who faces dilemmas of love & life. Here is an excerpt of our conversation with her:

Que: Congratulations on your new book, After All This Time. It is about an HIV+ girl and her adventures after she discovers the truth about her HIV status. So, does the book intend to educate about HIV & AIDS?
Nikita Singh: I wouldn’t call Lavanya’s life post HIV an adventure! HIV in After All This Time represents the idea of living with one's biggest fear. Lavanya has spent her life running away from her problems, but this is one thing she no option but face and live with. Also, one has to be very responsible when writing about HIV, since it is such a sensitive matter, especially in our country. So I had to be very careful while doing it.

Que: Is this book inspired from imagination or a true story?
Nikita Singh:I don’t think anything anyone writes is pure imagination. We all draw from our experiences—first and second hand—from what we see around ourselves. Having said that, this book isn’t inspired from any one person’s life. It’s an accumulation of several things I have seen, heard and imagined. Mostly imagined. 

Que: All your books in the past have been about Love. Was that a conscious decision?

Nikita Singh: 
Apart from romance, I have written two young adult novels and a non-fiction book. But I have to admit—writing about love is what appeals to me the most. It is such a powerful, all-consuming emotion, I enjoy exploring the various facets of it.

Que: We all know that love is not what's portrayed in romance movies and novels. And since we live in times when realism is finding its own audience, do you think that creating a fantasy about love and love stories is in accordance with the current trends?

Nikita Singh: 
I write about characters that are very real. And I believe that in the present scenario, most good writers aren’t creating fantasies with their stories. People don’t want to read fairy tale romances anymore, since as you said, they do not exist in real life. I write about characters that are believable, with stories that are relatable. 

Que: There is a perception that in today's times writers are proliferating, and there is a dilution of talent. What do you think about that?

Nikita Singh: Getting a first book published in India surely is easier now than before. But I think it has its own merits. People have a platform to showcase their talent, after which point, it’s for the readers to decide what happens next—whether they like the book or not. 

Que: When did you decide you wanted to be a professional writer?

Nikita Singh: When I wrote my fourth book, The Promise. My personal aim has always been that my next book has to be better than my last one. When I wrote The Promise, I finally had enough courage and conviction in my work to decide to pursue this single-mindedly. 

Que: What would advice the aspiring writers?

Nikita Singh: I would say that it’s important to tell the story you want to tell, without worrying about the publishing process or current reading trends. The primary concern should be content. Once you have a good manuscript, the rest will figure itself out.

Friday, May 29, 2015

Infibeam launches Wrangler's New Range of Men's Clothing

Infibeam, the flourishing e-store, has inculcated the international brand Wrangler in its Lifestyle collection. The limited range of Wrangler men's apparels, which is available at up to 20% Off, is likely to expand further soon.

The leading e-commerce and e-commerce solution company, has got yet another fashion brand in its kitty. Seven-decade old American brand, Wrangler has introduced its wide range of jeans, t-shirts and casual shirts on the popular online retail store. At present, the portal offers men's clothing with a discount of up to 20%.

Wrangler's New Range of Men's Clothing

Wrangler is popular for men's denims and the comfort and style they provide. On Infibeam, Wrangler has come up with a range of new colours and shades of jeans in black and blue. The jeans are being made available in different sizes, and the price starts from Rs.1,800 to over Rs.3,500 per pair. This new range aims to caters to the niche segment.

With time, the catalogue of Wrangler on Infibeam will increase. At present, one can find cool v-neck and polo t-shirts in various solid colours and stripes. The price range of the t-shirts in different sizes varies between Rs.700 and Rs.1,700.

The catalogue also includes casual cotton shirts in dark and vibrant shades to make men look dashing and rugged. Wrangler offers shirts in checks prints and solid colours, in different sizes, and in the price range of Rs.1,700 to Rs.2,100.

Initially, only men's clothing was listed in Infibeam's Wrangler category. But, since Lifestyle is one of the fastest growing categories on Infibeam, very soon Wrangler would expand its catalogue by adding women's clothing, accessories and other items as well.

The lifestyle category of Infibeam already offers clothings from various brands such as Adventure, Afford, Amaira, American Bull, Axsglow, Benneton, Bombay High, Daniel Hechter, Ferrous, Focker, Freecultr, Good Karma, Indigo Nation, Le Bison, Msd, New Port, Numero Uno, Slub, Stylox, Zoiro and many others. The addition of Wrangler to the collection is definitely going to boost the desirability of Infibeam as a whole.

Grab your favourite Wrangler apparels at up to 20% Off and flaunt your own style statement.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Gyan Prakash, The Indian Origin History Author Talks About His Newly Released Book Mumbai Fables

Indian born History professor at Princeton University, USA, Gyan Prakash is a historian of modern India whose general field of research and teaching interests concerns urban modernity, the colonial genealogies of modernity, and problems of post-colonial thought and politics. He teaches graduate students about modern South Asian history, colonialism and post-colonial theory, urban history, global history, and history of science.
Gyan Prakash Author
Author: Gyan Prakash

The historian is a B.A. (history) from Delhi University, an M.A. (history) from JNU, and a Ph.D. (history) from the University of Pennsylvania. He is the author quite a few books like Bonded Histories: Genealogies of Labor Servitude in Colonial India (1990), Another Reason: Science and the Imagination of Modern India (1999), Worlds Together: Worlds Apart: A History of the Modern World, 1300 to the Present (2002), etc.

One of his recently published books, Mumbai Fables has been made into a major Bollywood motion picture named bombay Velvet. The book is a detailed description of the history of the city and its rise as a metropolis. Here is a sneak peak into the mind of the eminent historian as he speaks on the book, his love for history, and more:

Que: Your new book Mumbai Fables explores and depicts Mumbai city and its rich history with excruciating detail. Why did you decide to make Mumbai as the centre of your next book? Why not any other city?

Gyan Prakash:
I was fascinated with Mumbai, or Bombay as it was then known, since my childhood. I grew up in Patna, where our home used to subscribe to the tabloid Blitz, and the magazine Illustrated Weekly. We saw Hindi films regularly. From all these, Bombay appeared not just as a city, but as a legend, a myth, an idea. It seemed like a magical place. Others had their New York, Paris, and London. Bombay was out shining metropolis. No other city in India had quite the same image. Bombay seemed to be the classic modern city. This childhood remained on my mind as I grew up. After finishing my last book, I decided in 2000 to come to Mumbai, I spent three months then, walking the city and talking to people. Usually, when you visit the actual place, the image you are carrying in your head crashes. In my case, those three months made the image more compelling, the myth became richer. I am a historian. So I decided to dig, to excavate what lies behind the city’s image, what are the back stories behind Mumbai’s representation as a city of opportunity and dreams.

Mumbai Fables Book
Que: How did you research for the book?

Gyan Prakash: For the next eight years, I regularly spent at least three to four months every year in Mumbai. Here, I would meet and talk to people, use the Maharashtra State Archives, hunt for materials in libraries and in private collections. Sadly, archival materials and other sources on Mumbai are not preserved in the city. For example, I failed to find a continuous run of the tabloid Blitz in Mumbai. So, I conducted research in the British Library, London, and utilized archives and libraries in the United States, where I found microfilms of newspapers and other materials that were not accessible in Mumbai.

Que: What is it about History that fascinates you? How did this fascination develop?

Gyan Prakash:
Initially, I became interested in history because the past fascinated me - how governments ruled, how people lived and loved, what they cared for, what objects they produced, etc. But the more I dealt with the objects from the past, the more interested I became in asking what is the process by which something is declared as over and done with, as history. To me, artifacts from the past - documents, images, material objects, built forms, institutions, etc. - not only tell us about the time gone by, but also contain traces of processes and forces that rendered them as history. So, for example, when I look at the Mumbai tabloids from the 1960s and things that they wrote about, they also tell me about how they were discarded as remainders of the past. In this sense, the past is also about the present; it is about how the present comes into existence by discarding something as history.

Que: How does it feel about Mumbai Fables adapted as a Bollywood movie? Have you seen Bombay Velvet? If yes, do you think it's does justice to the book?

Gyan Prakash: I have seen the film, four times already! I love the film. Since the film is not a documentary, it fictionalizes the historical events and transformations presented in the book and shows them in terms of the everyday lives of certain protagonists. And I think it does a good job of it. The film is also a stylized representation of history, so obviously it would be silly to look for one to one correspondence between fiction and reality. But I am very happy about the film.

Que: What is your next project? Tell us something about it?

Gyan Prakash: I am now working on a book on the Emergency. This was a momentous and turning point in the country, but curiously there is no history written on it. For the past few years I have been researching the subject and I expect to publish a book on it by the end of 2016.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Mega Sale: Number of orders jump over 1000%

"Lifestyle witnesses 40 times growth in two day sales"

The ‘Guaranteed Lowest Price’ offer has benefited customers across the country in a great way with maximum customer satisfaction. The five-day long ‘Infibeam Mega Sale’, which started from March 30, 2015, witnessed over 1000% jump in the number of orders in just first two days of its start.

Thanks to the advertisements that appeared in The Economic Times and The Times of India! They made customers aware of the Infibeam Mega Sale. Customers availed great offers that guaranteed the lowest price. When compared, the average daily sales was seven times more than the usual in these two days from March 30 to March 31, 2015.

Mega Sale

The Second Day of the Mega Sale, March 31, 2015, despite of being a weekday and the last day of the Fiscal Year 2014-15, witnessed the highest ever sale at Infibeam in one single day in last few years. The day alone witnessed growth of five times in Total Sales and eight times in the number of orders.

Interestingly, there was also rise in the ratio of Cash on Delivery (COD) against non-COD. On the second day of the Mega Sale, almost every second order was COD.

The products are generally sold in three categories - Electronics, Lifestyle and Media. Electronics, is the largest followed by media and Lifestyle. But in these two days of the Mega Sale, to all of ours' surprise, Lifestyle had the maximum growth in demand. Meanwhile, the share of Electronics marginally fell and Media’s share too came down. Lifestyle had witnessed maximum growth in sales.

Lifestyle comprises of fashion, accessories, footwear and other leading products. Interestingly, on the second day of the Mega Sale, the sales under Lifestyle category increased around 30 times. While the Total Sales in these two days increased 40 times when compared with the Average Daily sales under Lifestyle category. The share of Lifestyle in the Total Sales also increased by more than 400% in these two days of the Mega Sale.

Infibeam Mega Sale Advertisement on Times of India Front Page
Infibeam Mega Sale Advertisement on Times of India
Categories under Electronics include mobile phones, Computer Accessories, Home Appliances, home entertainment and many other products. While Lifestyle includes Toy Games, Watches, Kitchenware and many more. 

With the beginning of new Financial Year, 2015-16, Infibeam is all set to come up with more and more ‘Guaranteed Lowest Price’ offers or Mega Sale. The largest e-commerce technology growing company of India, Infibeam wishes all to have a healthy, wealthy and cost saving Fiscal Year. Infibeam vows to help customers in beating the rising inflation.

Monday, March 30, 2015

1.5 ton AC freezes 80% share of air conditioners' total sales

Split ACs have marginally become expensive
With the onset of early summers, the demand of air conditioners has suddenly increased this year. The demand for ACs have surged tremendously even before the start of the April month. However, the prices, when compared with previous summer, have marginally climbed up by up to 5%, depending on the models.

The statistics generated from the online demand of ACs in previous summers reveal that 1.5 ton ACs including split and window with 2 and 3 star ratings have more than 80% of share in the total sales of ACs in entire summer of 2014. The trend is expected to continue in 2015 as almost every brand is focusing on 1.5 ton.
Online sale of AC and Coolers - Infographics

Last year, the starting range of split AC was around Rs23,000. This year, it has marginally increased by around Rs500 to Rs700. The half ton split AC this year is available for Rs23,700 and above.

Meanwhile, the Window AC and air cooler too have demands, but their share is believed to be less than 20%. This year the air coolers have also become expensive. The entry range last year was around Rs4,700, which has increased by up to 15%. The price of the air coolers this year, is above Rs5,400.

The demand of Window AC is decreasing every year. Few years ago, the share of Window AC was more than 30% while these days it has fallen to 20%, 10% lesser than the previous one. Window ACs have some demand, only because of their affordability. However, the price of Window Acs, due to fall in demand, are almost remained flat as compared to the prices in the summer of 2014. This year, the price of Window AC starts from Rs16,500. 

At Infibeam, almost every AC brands sold in India are available online. The brand names include Amfah, Blue Star, Carrier, DaikinGodrejHaierHitachiIFBLGLloydMitashiMitsubishiPanasonicSamsungSharpVoltas and Whirlpool.

Tonnage wise, at Infibeam, ACs with below 1 ton are also available. While with higher capacity it also goes beyond 2 tons and more.  The overall price range of ACs including Window and split is between Rs16,500 and to over Rs92,000.