Tuesday, May 16, 2017

‘50 Cups of Coffee’: Re-ignite Your Search For That Perfect Person!

Soul mates are made in heaven. *Conditions apply

In India, come a certain age and there’s nothing more important than finding the perfect groom (or bride). But often this ‘more-serious-than-a-space mission’ can leave you befuddled, exasperated or even amused. '50 Cups of Coffee’ is a hilarious and charming account of manoeuvring the minefield that is arranged-dating.

Khushnuma Daruwala

Khushnuma Daruwala, an advertising professional, has chosen to explore this in her first book - ‘50 Cups of Coffee’. Infibeam caught up with Khushnuma Daruwala for a chat about her book and the amazing response it has received. Let’s find out what she has to say about the experience with writing a coffee-guzzler Journey’ -

1. Can you let us know something more about your book - “50 Cups of Coffee”?

Khushnuma Daruwala: ‘50 Cups of Coffee’ happened purely by accident. It started over a conversation with one of my friends who was narrating her arranged-dating experiences. Tickled pink, I offered to write them and she agreed. Luckily I was on a sabbatical which gave me some head space to get the initial chapters and style, going.

This book is not a typical linear narrative and it’s definitely not a mush-fest. It’s simply a compilation of myriad experiences, musings, a few tricks, a few tips, a few flops and misgiving galore along the path to finding a man, all strung together with humour. Each chapter pertains to one facet of arranged-dating and ends with what we coined as a ‘java jolt’ – a witty musing which ties it all up.

2. What kind of experiences guided/helped you in writing- “50 Cups of Coffee”?

Khushnuma Daruwala: Apart from my friend who inspired the book and who I’ve retained as the protagonist I spoke to other women as well to get a better understanding of arranged-dating and their experiences. Discussing ideas on the book format and topics for the content really helped, as did reading books and articles on writing which another friend would regularly recommend.

On days I suffered from a writer's block I sought solace in my two funny-favourites – James Herriot and Gerald Durrell, for amusement and hopefully inspiration.

3. Your book is about the epiphanies with finding that right person (which we prefer calling ‘Mr/Ms. Perfect’). According to you, what role does movies and books play in shaping our perspective and desires about that ‘Perfect’ person?

Khushnuma Daruwala: I think our concept of Mr/ Ms Right or romance is a tad warped due to various influences – books, movies, stories among others.
50 Cups of Coffee

First come the fairy tales with their damsels in distress who need rescuing. Then comes ‘romance’ literature and movies which can often kill you with their deadly clich├ęs – e.g. the Byronic hero (Brooding, intense and often unavailable men who might eventually soften in the presence their lady love) or the manic Pixie Dream Girl (Quirky, full of life, childlike playfulness and crazy antics which she will focus on the soulful, brooding hero until he learns to live freely and love madly again*). If you look closely some of the biggest romantic blockbusters are hinged on these two cliches.

4. If you are given an opportunity to add or edit a chapter to your book - 50 Cups of Coffee, what will it be?
Khushnuma Daruwala: Nothing to be honest. I ended the book when I ran out of topics to write. As for editing, well I did tone down a few things slightly to ensure no sensibilities were offended in my writing process. If I was writing only for myself I wouldn’t have done that.

5. What inspires you to keep going everyday? And, What is next for Ms. Khushnuma - the author? OR a new role?

Khushnuma Daruwala: Any creative process, be it writing a book or a paper or ideating on solutions for a brand, is what keeps me going. The fluidity and the absence of an absolute certainty is exciting.

Yes, I do have a few ideas for the next book. Most authors seem to build their forte in one genre, while all my ideas are completely disparate, targeting different audiences altogether. I think I need to flesh each one out a bit to see which holds up under scrutiny and has a distinctive point of view in that genre.

Who knows, it might simply be a sequel to ‘50 Cups of Coffee’.

“With the 51st Cup of Coffee in my hands, I am hoping the sequel comes out soon!”

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Infibeam Incorporation and CC Avenue Jointly invest Rs. 3 Crore in RemitGuru

Ahmedabad, May 11, 2017: Infibeam Incorporation shakes hands with CC Avenue to invest in RemitGuru - a global digital remittance solutions platform. Infibeam announced the signing of agreement as an achor investor on Thursday.

As a part of this investment transaction, Infibeam and CC Avenue will invest Rs. 3 crore in RemitGuru, wherein Infibeam will invest Rs. 2 crore. The transaction is supposed to be a cash deal transaction and this investment will help the e-commerce giant to increase cross-border e-commerce business transactions with cash-free modes through fin-tech solutions. The CC Avenue already holds 26.76% Equity stake in this company, prior to this investment.

RemitGuru is a personalized digital cross border money remittance service specially created to meet the unique needs of the Indian diaspora living overseas. It has a secured, scalable and configurable platform having customers from more than 25 countries. The Company seamlessly integrates to multiple payment systems and compliance networks across the world.

Ride the Tide! It is About to Rise!

There is an old saying - “When opportunity knocks on your door, do not rush-off to wash your face! It may not knock often!” Well this time, it is not just an opportunity. It is an opportunity of lifetime knocking at your screens (doors of today)! What if someone says that you can become a partner of one of the most successful e-commerce giants of the country? Not only a partner, but also get an opportunity to earn over ₹50,000 per month?! Calm your brows because this is absolutely true!

Infibeam brings you an opportunity of lifetime wherein you can become our partner! And while you are at it, you can also earn up to ₹50,000 per month! You can either choose to become a Logistics or a Solutions Partner. All you need to do is - Apply on our website (which is absolutely free!) and leave the rest to us! We then provide you with the necessary tools and also show you how it is done! You will be the director of your show, then! Follow the link below to know more about it here: www.infibeam.com/partner-application

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Infibeam in collaboration with (n) Code Solutions to Develop Distributed Marketplace using BuildaBazaar for SMEs in Gujarat

Ahmedabad 3rd May,2017: Taking a giant leap that the company is well-known for, Infibeam Incorporation Ltd. in collaboration with (n) code Solutions, the IT division of GNFC gears up to enable Small and Medium Enterprises within Gujarat to market their products and services to the customers online. (n) code solutions, under the service agreement, will offer the platform to SMEs in Gujarat and other training support.

The Distributed Marketplace Platform is a Unique Online Platform that will enable merchants to merchandise their products and services. It will also empower the merchants with their own branded store and email on “.ooo” domain. 

The platform will be integrated with digital payment solutions and wallets for merchants to collect payments, logistics companies for delivery as well as third party marketplace integrations to felicitate additional demand and sales. The said platform services will be marketed and provided to SMEs in Gujarat by (n) Code Solutions, a division of Gujarat Narmada Valley Fertilizers and Chemicals Limited (GNFC).