Monday, November 12, 2012

Infibeam Old is Gold Offer: Get 25% Discount by Returning the Old Books

It is commonly remarked that 'all that glitters is not gold', while that may be true for plenty of things around but it's certainly not true for the old books. In fact, the value of old things have really gone high these days and one gets good returns on it too. Infibeam, a very popular e-commerce website has recently come up with this same concept of 'Old is Gold' Offer. If there are used books lying around in your cupboards and drawers gathering dust and you've no clue how to get rid of them then consider giving it away to and get good amount of discount in return. 

'Old is Gold Offer' is specially meant for all the book lovers who wish to read new and latest books but at the same time also wish to get rid of their old books that are gathering dust. Under this unique offer the buyer can buy books worth Rs. 1000 and more and avail discount of 10% straight away. The customer gets further 15% discount by sending across their old books that are in good condition back to Infibeam. 

Infibeam Old is Gold Offer 25% Discount

The whole idea behind getting these old and used books from the people is to share and distribute these amongst the needy students and under-privileged readers. There are people who do not have access to the education, good books or reading materials. Infibeam realizes its corporate social responsibility and is helping the NGO's and lesser privileged schools for expanding their collection of books. Books are the primary source of knowledge for all and with its rising costs, it is increasingly difficult for all to buy the new ones from the market. 

This little initiative started by Infibeam is for bettering the future of the younger generation. It is for emphasizing that Knowledge is free and everyone has a right to get it. In words of Rabindranath Tagore, "Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high, where knowledge is free…Into that heaven of freedom, my Father, let my country awake." 


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Infibeam Presents Online Wallet Offer for The 'Aam Aadmi', the favorite online shopping portal for more than lacs of people across the globe, has launched the "Aam Aadmi Offer" for its valued customers. Infibeam announces the launch of Wallet that works like a personal prepaid account allowing users to make hassle free frequent purchases on the site without having to use Credit card or Net banking every time. Keeping up with the festive spirit, Infibeam has come up with a not-to-be-missed offer for their customers which is valid till 15th November 2012.

This offer is quite simple. Customers need to make a purchase using their credit card or net banking from and get Rs. 11 /- instant cash back while the wallet gets credited with 10% of the purchase amount up to Rs. 2000/-. Customers are required to use promo-code "MANGOPEOPLE" at the time of check-out to avail the wallet offer. Here is how the offer works.
 Infibeam Aam Aadmi Wallet Offer Online

This Diwali, Infibeam has plenty to offer. The concept of wallet has been introduced to save the precious time of customers and let them have an easy shopping transition. The Wallet will allow the shoppers to experience simple and faster check-out process. Customers can say goodbye to the worries of failed payments by making use of the wallet, which is their own prepaid account without an expiry date!

Commenting on the launch of this new feature, Mr. Vishal Mehta, Founder & CEO of said "We, at Infibeam, are determined to provide our customers a simpler and better shopping experience. It's festive time and hassle free shopping experience is what all customers look forward to. The Wallet has been launched with an aim to provide our customers an unbelievably simple and easy shopping experience."

This is a great opportunity for the Infibeam customers to purchase their favorite products, avail credits in their Wallet and get instant cash back.


Friday, April 27, 2012

Infibeam Adds A Revamped Selection of Gifts for Mothers Day

Mothers Day is round the corner and what better way to celebrate than to zero in on the best gifts from a wide selection. Infibeam's Mother's Day gifts section now has a revamped look with new gifts, enticing offers and more. Revelers have a special reason to rejoice as Infibeam offers the best selection of gifts and easy options to send them to any destination across India.

Commenting on the exclusive and revamped gifts section, Mr. Anish Parikh, Vice President, Lifestyle, Infibeam.Com said, "The revamped selection of gifts will help shoppers choose better gifts. The wide selection is accompanied with some really enticing price tags so a shopper with a small budget will not have to think twice before zeroing in on gifts".

Though Mothers Day is predominantly a western festival, it is gaining popularity in different parts of the world. In India it is a festival much looked forward to. It is marked by special Mothers Day greeting cards and expressive gifts. Infibeam has been offering shoppers nothing but the best gifts. This Mothers Day, the catalog is even better. There are gifts ranging from cakes and sweets to eternal gifts like jewelry. Contemporary gifts like gift vouchers and customized presents also form an integral part of the gifts section.

That is not all; if you want to gift your mother, special and thoughtful gifts; there are special skin care products. Diamonds are gifts for forever and you could choose from an exclusive selection of branded diamond jewelry. There are cost effective yet elegant gifts to choose from in this all improved Mothers Day gift section.

This Mothers Day can be really special with well thought out gifts for the special and most deserving person. Log in to and get nothing but the best.


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Buildabazaar Reaches 10000 Stores Mark, Infibeam's cloud based e-commerce platform today completed 10,000th e-commerce store implementation. This is by far the largest number of stores set up on an e-commerce platform in India so far. All this within a few months of its launch and completely self service.

The Buildabazaar initiative was conceptualized with a vision to create a customer oriented retail technology platform. The self service platform comes with all the e-commerce features of product upload, promotions, accounting, analytics, payment gateway, logistics and reporting. The platform has a very wide variety of large retailers in India ranging from TheMobileStore (, Crossword (, VijaySales (, VIP bags ( as well as small and medium enterprises like Bookmywish, Mumbaibookstore, Netbhet, TheElementFactory and others.

Speaking on the highpoint of the initiative, Mr. Manu Midha, VP strategy and planning, said, "We are happy with the way the Buildabazaar platform has shaped up. In addition to providing a self service platform to entrepreneurs, it is today one of the most reliable and consumer centric e-commerce platform". Commenting on the swift progress, he said, "It is encouraging to note that our initiative to provide an online platform for aspiring entrepreneurs has been very well received and the 10,000 stores mark stands testimony to the scalability of the platform."

The rising popularity is augmented by the fact that Buildabazaar has achieved the 10,000 store mark in a few months is very encouraging. The technical assistance offered by Buildabazaar will make the initiative grow by leaps and bounds. Butildabazaar will continue to provide powerful tools for catalog, inventory and order management. The various store managers may manage the inventories on multiple affiliate stores through a single interface.

This self service platform with all the e-commerce features is raring to go, more so after the super achievement of hitting the 10,000 store mark.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Infibeam Announces an Exclusive Beauty and Cosmetics Section

Infibeam announces its extensive cosmetics section comprising a wide range of beauty products. Amongst the well known brands gracing the section, few are being introduced online for the very first time. The impressive catalog comprises body care, eye care, hand care, skin care, hair care, and personal care products including perfumes and deodorants.

Well known brands like Adidas, Burberry, Bvlgari, Calvin Klein, Elizabeth Arden, Giorgio Armani, Gucci, Guess, Hugo Boss, Mont Blanc, Revlon, Tommy Hilfiger and Versace grace the beauty section at Infibeam. The catalog will be expanded with the addition of brands like StreetWear, Jovees, Shahnaz Hussain and Color Bar. Shoppers may avail combination gifts and some enticing introductory offers with their purchases and have the products delivered to them in 2-4 days.

Infibeam is pleased to announce the beauty care section that will house popular branded cosmetics. The initiative is in sync with Infibeam's continued progress in the logistics services spread across Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Ahmedabad.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Infibeam Launches Footwear Section With Some of the Leading Brands

The escalating popularity of online shopping has resulted in online stores aiming to give shoppers nothing but the best. Infibeam, India's leading online shopping portal announces an exclusive footwear section with well known brands like Puma, Adidas, Reebok, Lee Cooper, Fila, Provogue and more. Additionally, the footwear section houses unique and exclusive brands like Unistar and Shorty Capone.

Infibeam Footwear Store

The launch will be a welcome change for shoppers as the best loved brands may now be availed at one store. Infibeam also announces enticing introductory offers on different brands. Shoppers stand a chance to get 10% to 61% off on all the leading brands with the promise of a new and improved collection over the next few days. The good traction in lifestyle products ranging from apparel, jewelry and gifts has resulted in the addition of new sections. The icing on the cake is undoubtedly the whopping introductory discount.

Infibeam also plans to expand the categories and introduce new brands and sub categories.This initiative is in sync with the growing popularity of online shopping. The multiple brands, enticing offers and hassle free shopping are certain to augment Infibeam`s popularity as the one stop shop for ardent shoppers.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

An Exclusive Interview with Monica Bhide - Author of 'In Conversation with Exceptional Women'

Monica Bhide is a renowned cookbook author. In her writing career spanning of more than 5 years she has written extensively for The New York Times, National Geographic Traveler, Bon Appetit, The Washington Post and dozens of other publications. She has three books credited to her name. In this exclusive interview with Infibeam, she talks about her latest book ‘In conversation with exceptional women’, her relationship with cooking and her career.

Q.1: In conversation with exceptional women is an inspiring book. What inspired you to write this book?
Ans: They say you should write the book you always wanted to read, so i did! I wanted to talk to all the women around me who are so abundant and blossoming in all that they are doing. I wanted to reach out to them and asked them how they succeeded, what advice they would give me, what had they learned from their life. I asked 55 women and they all agreed to be interviewed. i selected women who had personally had an impact on my life. I could have reached out to women whom I dont know personally, but I dont feel that the book would have had the same connection. The women I picked are exceptional because they are abundant and always share that abundance with the world. The book is about filling your well as a creative professional. You read a little every day to help inspire and motivate you.

Q.2: Of all the interviews featured in the book which one is your favourite and why?
Ans: I loved all the interviews and learned so much from all of them. In particular, I would have to say that Padma Lakshmi was one of the most inspiring for all that she has been able to achieve and yet, she is so kind and so open.

Q.3: This is one of those books that readers can go back to in dark moments and get inspired. Is there any particular book or author that you like to read in your moments of doubt?
Ans: This one! I love to read Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra and anything else I can get my hands on. I thrive on reading books on positivity and motivation.

Q.4: Any particular reason behind choosing ebook as medium for ‘In conversation with exceptional women’?
Ans: small set of the interviews were first featured on my blog. They got such a great response that I decided to do some more and include them in an ebook. Going from blog to ebook seemed like a natural transition for me.

Q.5: Is these are any one you’d missed out and would like to interview?
Ans: So many but one in particular: Jhumpa Lahiri

Q.6: What made you give up your corporate career and follow your passion?
Ans: was an engineer with two master’s degrees, a six-figure dream career in training and development, a big house, friends, a loving husband and two amazing children. On a personal level I was fulfilled, but on a professional level, something was missing.

Then, one day, my whole world came to a standstill. A very, very dear friend suddenly passed away in a freak accident. She was in her mid-thirties and had been married the same year that I had. Her death and other circumstances really made me question my life choices. After some serious soul searching, i quit my job to become a full-time writer. It has been eight, wonderful, amazing, years since I made that decision.

Q.7: Cooking and spice seems to define your life. How is your relationship with both?
Ans: Love and reverence!

Q.8: You have indulged yourself in so many things successfully. How do you mange to strike a balance between your professional and personal life?
Ans: My work is who I am so it comes naturally. I never feel like I am “working.” I love what I do so it is easy to do that and be with the family

Q.9: Who are your favourite authors and which books would you like to recommend for our readers?
Ans: Jhumpa Lahiri, Diana Abu Jaber, Rohinton Mistry… read everything by them!

Q.10: What piece of advice you’d like to give to wannabe authors?
Ans: Read as much as you can. Write everyday. There is no simple, easy way to become an author. It takes a LOT of work. But, if you do it everyday, it will become part of who you are and that in itself is a huge blessing!

Q.11: Any message for our readers?
Ans: Thank you for reading my work. I am very appreciative!

Buy Book at - In Conversation with Exceptional Women

By: Aarti Upadhyay