Saturday, May 22, 2010

Powering Hidesign

Yesterday, we discussed how we are powering ecommerce stores for big brands in India. Today, we'd like to highlight the most recent brand that we have powered - Hidesign's official website . As you may already know, Hidesign is the iconic leather accessories brand from India.

Here is a screenshot of the portal:

And here is a screenshot of one of the product showcases:

Speaking on the alliance, Mr. Vikas Kapur, International Director, Hidesign, who oversees Hidesign's website and e-marketing initiatives said "Hidesign's online website caters to a clientele that is diverse and distributed across the globe. We are delighted to launch a brand new website in association with our eCommerce partner Some of the highlights of the new website include an information rich shopping experience, search engine friendliness, and most important of all easy navigation & checkout." He added, "The fresh look & feel is true to our identity as a global fashion brand. The new website also includes a unique section presenting the history and timeline of Hidesign through a nice visual sketch."

For more details, please see our press release.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Powering ecommerce stores for Brands

Continuing Vishal's (Founder and CEO) memoirs of the growth of Infibeam:

In 2009, we were a ninety people strong. The recession had started to show signs globally but we were forward investing in growth. We started reviewing our cost structure and renegotiated some of our leases but continued hiring the best engineers which was a bold bet but well worth taking.

We always thought the biggest advantage we had was being one of the first mover with great technology for online retail in India. It was clear that online selling will still be a small portion of overall retail in India for the next few years, so we would make ourselves more successful by offering our technology to others. And the end-customer wins by having a great experience across online stores by different brands.

We offered our technology services to retail and media partners like, Shopping and TTK Prestige. We have a strong pipeline of brands, media companies and retailers who will be using our technology services in the near future. Retailers who use Infibeam's technology like the fact that Infibeam uses the same technology for its own online store, and all partners operate on the same platform.

While we have not publicized our services, our retail business has multiplied year over year. We always believed that our investment should continue into making a great customer experience, and less will go into shouting about our service. In any case, word of mouth is becoming more powerful. If you offer a great selection and customer service, people find out, period.

We believe in listening to our customers. And we believe that by immersing ourselves in the data, we can find the answers.”

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Friday, May 14, 2010

Books Quiz Competition has started!

After an extremely popular IPL Quiz competition, we decided to continue the fun by kicking off a Books Quiz competition!

The Books Quiz Contest will follow the daily quiz pattern. Fascinating questions pertaining to books from diverse genres will be posted on the Infibeam wall on Facebook. Participants that know the correct answer will have to post their replies on the Infibeam wall. One lucky winner will take home a surprise gift that will make him/her come back for more!

The first question posted yesterday has already gotten 74 answers! So join in the fun everyday at

For more information, see the detailed page about the quiz.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Chetan Bhagat with a Pi!

Chetan Bhagat was in Ahmedabad for the Star Anchor Hunt Auditions. As you may already know, Infibeam's headquarters is in Ahmedabad. So we were lucky to get a chance to meet up with him.

We chit-chatted about sales of his book on as well as showed off the Pi to him!

Nishant, Chetan Bhagat, Somesh

On a related note, Infibeam now ships Chetan Bhagat's books internationally, to more than 70 countries!