Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Showcasing InfiBeam Pi at Unpluggd

We had the opportunity recently to showcase the Pi at the first Unpluggd event on Saturday, March 06, 2010.

A view of the hall at the Unpluggd entrepreneurship event

We were blown away by the response! After the demo, three of us were answering questions for more than two hours. It was heartening to see the interest from other entrepreneurs, from avid book readers, from potential customers, and generally curious folks.

We got lots of questions regarding the state of e-ink technology and regarding the future versions of Pi. Two questions were oft-repeated, and we thought of putting it here for reference:

Q: How many Pis have you sold so far?

A: While we do not publicly disclose the exact number, what we can tell you is that we plan to sell 20-30K Pis in the initial few months and we are on target.  To date, we have already sold several thousand.

Q: Future releases/features?

A: We are evaluating the requirements of our customers and making the right design choices on behalf of our customers.  Of course, including wireless connectivity is high on priority and we are also closely following 3G rollout.  You can expect the subsequent versions will have connectivity and more applications that can utilize fast downloads.  Of course, we are working on a large repository of content and making  it available on the device. Today, we have more than 1 lakh ebooks from most major publishers and we are working with many publishers in India so you will see more local language content available.