Monday, April 26, 2010

Login with Twitter, Facebook or your favorite social account!

Social networks are where people hang out these days, it is the fulcrum of the time they spend online. And they are starting to expect the same kind of experience and personalization everywhere.

We, at Infibeam, want to keep up with the times and expectations of our customers, so we are introducing a new feature - You can now login to via your favorite social network!

The immediate benefit is that there is NO registration step for, you, the customer. Just a one-click-login and you can start buying books, mobile phones or any product from the vast catalog of :-)

Note: Facebook support is coming real soon.

We're the first ecommerce site in India to introduce such a feature to improve the usability of our site for our customers. So please do check out the new feature and let us know your feedback!

Update: We have an official press release out!