Friday, September 16, 2011

Exclusive Magic Box Deals Application for Chrome Users

Delighting news for Google Chrome Users! Infibeam recently launched a MagicBox Deals Application on Google Chrome webstore. This application will allow Chrome users to access exclusive Magic Box Deals from directly from their browser tab.

It has an element of surprise where a user gets 3 chances to reveal 3 of 8 products at a time using The Magic Stick. The 8 products are selected randomly. Once a user opens 3 boxes he is not allowed to open any more boxes. While he may again open, the app- but the deals will not be same. Deals are randomly generated by in real time. Deals once open will not be repeated. Each of these deals is exclusive to Google Chrome users and cannot be accessed from any other browser.
MagicBox products are carefully selected by a special team of merchandisers who look at user buying patterns, preferences, seasonality, new launches and price while selecting those deals. Each deal is handpicked and therefore is extremely relevant to users today.

Magic Box Deals is extremely popular and a successful concept with Infibeam. It has received an overwhelming response from customers and more than 25% of the traffic on the website comes from Google Chrome. It is one of the most popular browsers, and keeping this is mind, Infibeam has launched exclusive Magic Box Deals Application for Chrome users.