Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Indian Consumers' Tryst With Online Book Shopping

While the entire world celebrates World Book Day on April 23 (the date happens to be William Shakespeare's death date) every year, this Infographic on Books touches a right chord with our audience as this information reveals some interesting facts on online shopping of books in India. This information is presented through a beautiful Infographic, which serves details like who are the top authors, which are the top selling titles in India, which Indian city browses more number of books, books in which language are sold more, which region of India orders most books and so on.

As we are living in a highly commercial world, sale of books is the one criterion that supports every fact displayed here. For top 10 authors, we have compiled sales of all their books in a month; and for top selling titles, they are stand-alone books, which are sold most in a month. Top ten personalities listed here may not be writers but they are the people on whom other eminent writers have penned reams of papers and those books are sold in large numbers.

Language and books go hand in hand; we have listed top five languages in which books are sold most. These languages are English, Hindi, Marathi, Tamil and Telugu. Top ten categories of books are also considered with business topping the list. Last but not the least - price range and payment method. Not only consumers but also some business people would like to know how consumers prefer to pay while they shop for books, and between what price range they love to buy books.

So, here is an excellent information on books. Read it, share it and send in your feedback. This Infographic is designed and developed by after an extensive research.