Monday, June 7, 2010

Review of Infibeam from our buying customers

Nitish posted this wonderful message for us on our Facebook page:
Infibeam is the best site i came across the internet.

i was really inspired because

1 - It has Wide variety of products with their best Prices(cheaper then market sometimes)

2 - Guaranteed delivery of products on time, so keeping their promise as said by them without any charges.

3 - The most important is The support Paypal as the payment option from india.

My product was reached to me within 3 days and i live in a place where courier usually refuses to deliver product because they are unable to find my address.

Honestly speaking if someone asked me to shop online I will go for Infibeam, its better then even ebay!

Best service!
With my regards
and Napolean Pariath wrote this detailed review about us on his blog:
E commerce space in India has been cluttered with multiple instances of mediocre online shopping experiences, and i am not writing about those experiences here but i am going to review and when i review anything then like any other user i will either like the website or hate it.
And by the way i am writing about it you must have guessed it that i love it.

Reasons why i love it
  • There are not personal details crazy data mines.
  • They allow me to log in using my google twitter facebook and a few more accounts checkout their log on page screenshot
  • They accept a lot of payment options.
    Imagine an "state of the art" online shopping facility asking you to use only your credit card or internet banking of an essentially restrictive set of banks. infibeam more than delighted me by allowing mobile payments and pretty surprisingly "international credit and debit cards" which is rarely accepted on websites
  • They seem to use really good carriers (deccan 360) in my first order.
    Unbelievable service I shop the item online on 1st June 2010 at 1:57 PM and the item arrives at my address at 2: 30 PM 2nd June 2010 really amazing in a country where birthday cakes and flowers reach within a week after the birthday when ordered online.
  • They have brought out with some really interesting and innovative items for the first time in India
Now i have always wanted an amazon Kindle but they do not ship it to India. infibeam Pi would in that adorn my back pack some day (not soon though)
And many more quick notes from our loyal customers:
Ankush Grover says:
I like infibeam coz of its gr8 user friendly interface.....
Aaryan Mittal says:
i like infibeam b'coz of its great range of books for every type or reader...n also its great packaging
Hari Inamadugu says:
[love infibeam] for its incredible delivery time
Biswatosh Sinha says:
Trust... the only word associated with Infibeam
Thank you folks for letting us know how we're doing, all this motivates us even more to deliver our best to you! :)