Friday, May 2, 2014

Shaili Chopra on Effects of Social Media on Politics

Shaili Chopra
Shaili Chopra
A keen watcher of social media, a golf aficionado and now a writer of a popular book The Big Connect - Shaili Chopra dons many hats during her career in journalism. Winner of The Ramnath Goenka Award, Shaili believes that as journalist, one just can't have a laid-back attitude; rather, a journalist has to be a reporter chasing big stories. She regularly contributes articles on golf and thinks that "the sport deserves tremendous attention as it loses out to cricket". In a conversation with Infibeam, Shaili opens up about her book The Big Connect, her ideas over use of social media in politics and her newly found love for poetry. Read on...

Que: You have been into journalism for a long time. What made you to write a book?

Shaili Chopra: I am a keen watcher of social media. I walked into a store to fetch a book on the subject but i couldn't find one. I was surprised that something that topical, that interesting and so with-the-times was missing a full documented discourse. This led me to think about a book.

Que: You write a special blog on Golf, any specific reason?

Shaili Chopra: I have a few passions and golf is one of them. I believe the sport deserve tremendous attention as it loses out to cricket. It's brilliant sport and can be developed in our country in a big way. I grew up playing it. It's an intelligent sport, needs strategy, mind application and more.

Que: You have received one of the biggest awards The Ramnath Goenka Award- How did you feel receiving it?

Shaili Chopra with her book "The Big Connect"
Shaili Chopra with her book "The Big Connect"
Shaili Chopra: It was the most special honour for me. I believe as a journalist you cant just be news reader, you have to be a reporter, chase big stories, report on them, do interviews and ask in-depth questions. I was very grateful for the award as it recognised the reporter in me. 

Que: Your list of awards is not ending. FICCI has also awarded you with Young Women's Achiever Award for contribution to media. What was the feeling at that time?

Shaili Chopra: FICCI is A very reputed body and recognises rare talent. I was happy to receive this award with the likes of Vidya Balan, Mary Kom - it meant A lot.

Que: The Big Connect is related to the effect of Social Media on Politics. Do you really Feel that SM will effect Politics in future too?

Shaili Chopra: Yes I believe so. That so-me is now a part of our lives is something reflected in the amount of time Indians are spending online. I think it speaks volumes that we are partially governed today not by our time but our timelines. Our views are a confluence of people we speak to, our friends, our social media space.

Que: Do you plan to write more books? And what will be your subject this time?

Shaili Chopra: I have a couple of them in the pipeline. I will be able to share more details with time.

Que: You have interviewed many Big Shots across the world. Is there any specific person you want to interview and have not got a chance to?

Shaili Chopra: Yes, Tiger Woods. I think he is not only the biggest sportsperson in the world but he also has a discerning business sense. Business + Sport would be a great subject for me to connect with him on.

Que: You like writing poetry too, what kind of poetry you like to write?

Shaili Chopra: I write rhyming poems for children, other kinds for myself. It's not for public consumption but a person passion.