Thursday, July 17, 2014

Infilicious: Food Festival at Ahmedabad Branch of Infibeam

One of the very nicest things about life is the way we must regularly stop whatever it is we are doing and devote our attention to eating. Isn't it okay, once in a blue moon, to give a break to our brains and do something that our tummy would approve of? After all, belly rules the mind. And Infibeamites at Ahmedabad office decided to celebrate their love for food.

It all began with a casual chit-chat after lunch on a lazy afternoon. Somebody popped up with a suggestion - Potluck; and others were waiting to catch the pot. As luck was in our favour, Addy...oops, +Advit Sahdev - Marketing & Promotion team head, waved go-ahead. Then plan, plan and plan. +Rachna Rawat took the initiative to engage the entire floor; she personally went to each desk and asked what they (or their moms & spouses) could cook the best. A lavish menu was prepared on July 11th and each person was assigned with some tasks. Those who were not able to bring anything from home, got something from food stores. Our design team supplied crockery and cutlery: thermocol dishes, bowls, spoons and forks.

On July 12th, everything was in apple-pie order. The conference room on 7th floor was filled with the delicious aroma of irresistible food. As the clock struck 1 pm, all invitees including Mr +Vishal Mehta, CEO - +Infibeam and Mr Malav Mehta - Director, Infibeam made their way to 7th floor conference room. The spectacular event began with smacking of lips and ended with licking of fingertips.

Finally, the team Marketing & Promotion got a pat on the back from Vishal Mehta. And also got the nod for more such events every month. Special thanks to Rachna, Vineeta, +Naresh Koshti and +Jigar Gondalia, who put their heart, soul and hunger to make the entire show a stunning spectacle.

Our ace photographer +Praful Vaidya captured some foodful pics and also employed his creativity to design the invitation. And last but not the least, +Jayesh Purohit & +Advit Sahdev penned the copy for invitation; +Vishal Shastri contributes to circulate this blog.