Monday, March 30, 2015

1.5 ton AC freezes 80% share of air conditioners' total sales

Split ACs have marginally become expensive
With the onset of early summers, the demand of air conditioners has suddenly increased this year. The demand for ACs have surged tremendously even before the start of the April month. However, the prices, when compared with previous summer, have marginally climbed up by up to 5%, depending on the models.

The statistics generated from the online demand of ACs in previous summers reveal that 1.5 ton ACs including split and window with 2 and 3 star ratings have more than 80% of share in the total sales of ACs in entire summer of 2014. The trend is expected to continue in 2015 as almost every brand is focusing on 1.5 ton.
Online sale of AC and Coolers - Infographics

Last year, the starting range of split AC was around Rs23,000. This year, it has marginally increased by around Rs500 to Rs700. The half ton split AC this year is available for Rs23,700 and above.

Meanwhile, the Window AC and air cooler too have demands, but their share is believed to be less than 20%. This year the air coolers have also become expensive. The entry range last year was around Rs4,700, which has increased by up to 15%. The price of the air coolers this year, is above Rs5,400.

The demand of Window AC is decreasing every year. Few years ago, the share of Window AC was more than 30% while these days it has fallen to 20%, 10% lesser than the previous one. Window ACs have some demand, only because of their affordability. However, the price of Window Acs, due to fall in demand, are almost remained flat as compared to the prices in the summer of 2014. This year, the price of Window AC starts from Rs16,500. 

At Infibeam, almost every AC brands sold in India are available online. The brand names include Amfah, Blue Star, Carrier, DaikinGodrejHaierHitachiIFBLGLloydMitashiMitsubishiPanasonicSamsungSharpVoltas and Whirlpool.

Tonnage wise, at Infibeam, ACs with below 1 ton are also available. While with higher capacity it also goes beyond 2 tons and more.  The overall price range of ACs including Window and split is between Rs16,500 and to over Rs92,000.