Friday, February 10, 2017

What India Loves to Spend on !

We, Indians, are the people who love to embrace all the festivals without any discrimination. May it be from the foreign land, we are always geared up to cherish it and that is not it. We never fail to add a twist of our own, to celebrate any occasion. Valentine's day has had a long journey in India from being a 'Bad Influence from Western Culture' to being recognized as a 'National Day of Lovers'. Now that we have adapted it as our own, we just can't wait for 14th February to roll up, so that we can get on our knees and confess our love.

Some people start planning for the day right before a month, while some stay awake and think of a gift just before a night. Seeing the zeal of youngsters, adults even the aged, for the Valentine's day, we can just imagine how much one can spend for their special ones on the V-day! Well, here is what our research says, have a look at it.

Once the cupid strikes, there is no rescuing from it. You are forever caught in the happy phase with your loved one beside you. Why not make her feel special and do things that you had always wanted to, with the Valentine's Day just around the corner. Your excitement level must be flying in the clouds and now, that you already know, what India loves to spend on, start thinking out of the box and come up with the unique Valentine's gift for your Valentine. Enhance the grace of your relation and add to it the different shades of love. Let the fragrance of Valentine's, make your bond a bit stronger, more romantic and full of sweet promises. So this Valentine's, make your relation sugar, spice and everything nice.