Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Women’s Day Initiative - ‘Soles for Souls’

Celebrations are twin-faced swords. Be it western or Indian. It simply depends on the way we take them. These days can become the sunbeams guiding the ones those dire straits. This Initiative from Infibeam exactly does the same. Infibeam, the e-commerce giant has carved a niche with remarkable social initiatives along with its strive towards fulfilling its motto - “Shop with a Smile!”. On this women’s day, Infibeam has come up with another exciting initiative to applaud the strength of being women.

Can there be a more positive way of spreading a smile than celebrating a day with the downtrodden and the ones who are fighting everyday for survival? Infibeam in this Robinhood-inesque effort named “Soles For Souls” collected soles (all types of footwear) from its pro-active staff to distribute amongst the ones who have none. The females who are generally fond of footwear definitely have extra pairs with them. More often, the extra pairs which they do not actually need. And, Infibeam employees came out in large numbers with a cheerful intent to donate their extra pairs (be it shoes, slippers or any other type of useful footwear) to their counterparts working as labourers. The ones battling out bare-foot in scorching heat for their survival.

Women’s day time and again gets highlighted for the valour of the women in Lime-light. The women achieving innumerable accolades for their contributions in various fields. But what about the ones who put in equal efforts for their survival? Let’s make this women’s day an opportunity to appreciate these un-noticed efforts. And give back something to the society!” - is the heroic response the Infibeamers’ gave!