Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Father's Day Gift Ideas to Make Your Dad Feel Special

It is quite common that people eulogize sacrifices made by mother and role she plays in shaping our life. But quite often we underrate countless sacrifices made by our dear father and despite that, not for once he makes his kids feel that whatever he has done is done for them. Your father has got a very soft heart under that tough skin. This Father's Day, say thanks to your dear dad, give him a warm hug and a beautiful gift.

So here are some cool Father's Day gift ideas for you...


An unforgettable experience is one of the best Father's Day gifts you could give to your dear ones. And what could be a better experience than a small vacation spent on an exotic destination? This Father's Day, surprise your dad by sending him to an exotic location to spend some memorable moments, of course with your dear mom. If you are not able to pick the right destination from the bewildering list of locations on the earth, take help of your mom and ask her about your father's choice. Or if you want to send your dad to your choice of destination, you need to consider his health and age as he might have some climate allergies or nausea.

Membership of a Club

This could be another joyful experience for your father. Whether the club locates within the ambit of your city or on the outskirts, time spent with like-minded folks would keep him energetic and excited. If health doesn't permit your father to commute, club situated in city would be preferable. A club membership can vouch for lot of benefits & facilities like networking, health club, swimming pool, yoga & mediation and more.

Your Fingerprints On Play-Doh

During your childhood years, you might have created weird shapes with Play-Doh only to receive happy smile and a pat on your back from your dad. Now with the same Play-Doh you can delight your father to the core. Get a Play-Doh and put your fingerprints on it, and get the same framed. Hurray!!! He would cherish this masterpiece forever as the gift is now priceless.

Personalized Photo Books

A picture speaks thousand words and countless emotions. This Father's Day, create a collage of your photos taken with your dad and get the collage framed to gift your father. A word of advice: don't forget to include your childhood memories with your family. This would surely make his day as he would love to walk down memory lane; this will also give him a chance to relive his own childhood.

Audio/Video DVDs

Perhaps the easiest way to wish your dad Happy Father's Day is to give him a collection of audio and video DVDs of movies and songs of his choice. Either download movies/songs or purchase DVDs online - this could be one of the cheapest but nicest gift to your father. Let him dance and sing with his favourite movie stars and melodious songs.


If you are running short of options, electronics can provide you gift options galore. Check out any online portal and you have countless electronic items on your finger tip. Tablets, Smartphones, Laptops, iPods, iPads, Cameras, Gaming Consoles, Home Theaters, DVD Players...The list is endless. Take a tour of online shopping portals in India and use the best deal to shop perfect gift for your dad.

To sum up, I would say no matter how tall you have grown, you always look up to your father. He is your friend, philosopher and guide; he is the force behind your energy; he is the reason behind your smile and well-being. Happy Father's Day!