Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Year Resolutions to be taken by e-commerce companies in India

2014 had been a year for e-commerce industry which has benefited customers across India. Both – customers and e-commerce sites – have learned a lot from each other in 2014. Now with the New Year, starting from January 1, 2015, customers hope the e-commerce companies should incorporate many changes that require to make the buying process easy and faster. And so, a group of e-commerce customers have come up with a list of The New Year Resolutions, to be taken by the online stores is released. This will not only reduce the number goods or items returned, but it will also make transactions more successful.

The New Year Resolutions to be taken by e-commerce companies...

New Year Resolutions

1) Start awareness programme on 'How to buy the product and that too at best rate?'

Currently, several customers are still new to the Internet world and may end up buying wrong products. For them, the e-commerce companies should start an awareness programme on how to buy the right product with the best price from e-commerce sites. This will drastically reduce the customer complaints.

2) Consistency of product types and categories

Of the total customer complaints, the most of them are of receiving wrong product such as different colour or different shape or different design. Whatever is showed on the websites, only that product must be delivered.

3) Improve the process of customer feedback

Instead of sending just one mail to rate the product, if possible, without spamming, e-commerce companies can send text messages or also make a call to get the genuine feedback. Sometimes the customer may not have time to rate or fill the forms online. Hence, by keeping objective questions, feedback can be taken by making calls.

4) Stick to commitments

By giving advertisements, e-commerce companies are communicating about the heavy discounts being offered. But from now onwards they should also start disclosing inventory. This may not disappoint customer. For an instance, 'xyz brand black mobile phone is available with 30% discount. Only 200 pieces are available in the stock. Hurry up'. If this is also communicated in the advertisements the customer may not get disappointed if he misses the opportunity to buy that product online.

5) Logistic companies should not be lenient

Many customers have complaint that the courier guy delivered the product either to security guard or the neighbour without informing the customer. As the logistic companies have all the details of the customer, they should try to call the customer and with his or her permission the courier boy can deliver to neighbour or security guard.