Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Who can buy what on GOSF!

It has been not even two months after Diwali and consumer is all set to spend more eyeing several new opportunities of buying different products and items with heavy discounts. Starting from apparels, electronics, gadgets, gaming tools and home, all products are offered at heavy discounts at over 420+ brands in over 20 categories at www.gosf.in.

As estimated by different brands and Google, 'Great Online Shopping Festival (GOSF)', starting from 10 December, 2014 is expected to get over millions of hits for three days, untill midnight of 12 December, 2014. Compared to previous two years, the number of transactions is expected to see multi-growth of over 10 times.


By profession he is a doctor but by heart he is a consumer. Dr Kunal Jhaveri from Mumbai is keen and prepared for GOSF to buy so many things before going to a destination wedding scheduled in January 2015. He wants to buy gift for bride and groom, apparels for immediate family attending wedding, a luggage bag and warm wear.

"I have already studied the physical markets and checked the prices of the various brands and product. I am cocksure that I will get what i want at much lower price from GOSF. I am expecting to save up to 30% by buying online," said Jhaveri.

For housewife, Mamta Shah from Ahmedabad, GOSF is a timely event to fulfill her needs. For kids she wants to buy sweaters and jackets. In coming days, she is expecting guests at home and before that she wants to change the curtains, bed sheets and other items. "I have already done alots of shopping in Diwali. But thanks to GOSF, my appetite for shopping has increased. I think it is not shopping but it is one kind of savings," she believes.

It has been six months, the banking professional from Bangaluru, Siddarth Wodiyar is seeking a beautiful affordable house in the city. "For me the most challenging part is to get an affordable house in Bangaluru. I am confident that I will get a best affordable house in the desired destination, only through GOSF. Different options in the 'Real Estate' category is going to help me," he said.

Biker Anshuman Dutta loves to explore new destination across country on his bullet. He is expecting some good automobile accessories and best hotel deals in coming days from GOSF. "As Christmas vacation is just ten days away and I am planning to buy some good decorative stuff for my bike and book some hotel rooms at tourist destination. Only GOSF can help me out at this moment,
" said Dutta.