Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Buy new TV and cheer for Men in Blue

32 inch LED enjoys one third share of total TV sold
Usually people prefer to buy a new television during festive season but there are occasions when the demand rises with different reason. This time it is ICC Cricket World Cup, starting from February 14, 2015. It is expected that before world cup begins, the demand for TV will rise by over 30% compared to normal days.

Those who have the old TV sets are upgrading to LED and while some have chosen to upgrade to LED HD TV which gives better resolution for watching live cricket matches of India. In a recent survey done by Twitter, it was once again discovered that Cricket is the biggest religion in India.

32 inch LED enjoys one third share of total TV sold
32 inch LED enjoys one third share of total TV sold
As per the survey, about 89% of Twitter users in India are cricket fans and about 84% of cricket fans on Twitter are intending to follow the Cricket World Cup. More than 65% will maintain or increase their Twitter activity during world cup.

Similarly, every house of the country is going to watch the Indian matches during the world cup on TV. In last one year, it was found that 32 inches LED TV are the hot favourite. Of the total number of TV sold, the 32 inch screen TV has a share of about 33%. At this moment, the 32 inch TV prices range between Rs19,000 and Rs42,000. While at, the TVs are available with discount of up to 20%.

The second most popular TV screen is of 22 inch. It has a share of 29%. While the 24 inches and 42 inches TV, both have share of 12% each. The price of the 22 inches and 24 inches starts from less than Rs10,000 and goes up to Rs22,000, depending on combo and other offers.

The large size TV, wherein the price is Rs45,000 onwards, has less share in the total sales. However, the demand for large size LED TV is also rising with double digit growth. Before and during world cup, it is expected that the sale of TV, home theatres and sound system will keep on rise.

Every Indian is hoping that the team of Men in Blue will bring the world cup home again.

Infibeam wishes MS Dhoni & Co all the best. Cheer for Men in Blue!